Sailboat Propellers (4)

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The Hung Shen SSBP2 , TP2 & TP3 Series Propellers are designed for sailboats and provide good efficiency when operating at speeds less than 8 knots. SSBP propellers are designed with a small amount of skew that provides lower cabin noise than that of the TP series propellers. SSBP is suitable for Yachts which have wider stern. The skewed blade can reduce vibration effectively and deliver higher thrust.

The Hung Shen Heavy Thrust series propeller HTP3 is especially suited for use on displacement vessels such as Sailboats requiring maximum thrust and exceptional maneuverability. The blade edge is semi elliptical, with typical ogival blade sections and constant pitch. This series is made without skew to carry out the greatest reverse execution possible. All have a anti-sing trailing edge installed to reduce propeller induced harmonics.

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